Melissa Mars Photo Gallery

Mélissa Mars was born in Marseille September 3, 1979. She made her first steps on stage at the theater Chocolate at thirteen and took singing lessons two years later.

She moved to Paris and won the A-Levels at Louis-Le-Grand a year later. Despite this, she left the school and continues to learn Spanish, English, piano, harmonica, she writes screenplays and small bed of modern drama (Anouilh Obaldia, Sartre, Cocteau, Miller ...) .

In 1998, his agent makes dinner with André Téchiné and François Bernheim. But the dinner does not turn agreed: as she writes, "the evening passes, but the current does not flow [3]. François Bernheim wants to hear him sing. With the help of her mother, she wrote her first song, Daddy loves me not. Five others will follow and it took the name of Melissa Mars, with reference to the planet Mars by his dreamy temperament.

She also landed roles in several movies (one-way ticket, Garonne), and her first album So What! released in March 2003 is the beginning of his career. Not much aired in the media following her singles will never be sold. And then the title! will still be accompanied by a clip, filmed in Brussels. It will not be the case with anyone.

In early 2005, she returns with her new album The Queen Bee, the first single is ... And I Hate You. For this album to sound more folk, it was accompanied by Franck Langolff. At the same time, she made an appearance on the album 9 Lara Fabian Unbreakable for the title. Shortly after, while In My Bubble earthquake is sent to the media promotion, it replaces Carla Bruni, with Louis Bertignac, for scenes and live TV on The Frôleuses.

In early 2006, for its first concert series at The Theatre unloaders, she moved into the musical landscape with its mixture of genres, from pop tart, the sounds of folk, goth n 'rock. At the same time, his album The Queen Bee released a new edition, with the remix of And ... I Hate You, a duet with Irmavep Red Riding Hood, and a new version of Apocalips. Then, shortly after it appears in the new album by Pascal Obispo, for two reasons Machine and 1980, released as a single in September 2006, ranked 5th in the top of sales, the single fact known to the general public. Shortly after, she became the face of the new collection Fall / Winter brand Naf Naf.

In May 2007, the single Love Machine is available online, a harbinger of the album In Search of lost love, in stores in September 2007. Shortly before, a maximum of Love Machine released commercially, with four remixes and the English version. The tour that was to follow is canceled, only the December 10, 2007 concert at La Cigale in Paris is maintained.

In 2010, she appeared in the American film "From Paris With Love" alongside John Travolta ... and she is currently on tour throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland, headlined by Mozart, the rock opera set directed by Olivier Dahan, director of La Vie en Rose. Melissa Mars embodies the character of Aloysia Weber. The show receives 3 awards at the NRJ Music Awards 2010 and whose album is already diamond.