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Kristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress who is famous for the role she played as Bella Swan, star of the Twilight film. Born on April 9, 1990, Kristen Stewart was raised in Los Angeles, California by her stage manager and television producer father, John Stewart, and her script supervisor mother, Jules-Mann Stewart. At the age of eight, Stewart began acting and left school in the seventh grade. This was after she caught the eye of an agent who was impressed after seeing her perform in a Christmas play at her elementary school. She nevertheless managed to complete her high school education as she continued school via correspondence. Aside from the film Twilight, other films in which she has featured include The Messengers, In the Land of Women, Adventureland, Panic room and Zathura.

In the film The Thirteenth Year, Kristen Stewart landed her first acting role, albeit a nonspeaking role. She thereafter appeared as the ring toss girl in the film The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Her next role involved playing a tomboy daughter of a troubled single mother in the independent film The Safety of Objects. Stewart then teamed up with Jodie Foster to play her diabetic daughter in Panic Room. After her impressive performance in this film, she landed a role in Cold Creek Manor where she played daughter to Sharon Stone and Denis Quaid. Her first starring role came in the film Catch That Kid, where she starred alongside Max Thieriot and Corbin Bleu. Undertow was Kristen Stewart's next film, in which she played Lila.

Kristen Stewart's first critically acclaimed role came in the 2004 TV film Speak, which was based on a novel by Laurie Halse Anderson. Here, Stewart was praised for her performance despite only having a few speaking lines. Thereafter, Stewart played Lisa in the 2005 film Zathura. The year after, Stewart appeared as Maya in Fierce People, which was followed by The Messengers in which she played Jess Solomon. In 2007, Stewart played Lucy Hardwicke in the film In The Land of Women, opposite Meg Ryan and Adam Brody. Her next role came later that year when she took on the part of Tracy, a teen musician with a crush on Christopher McCandless in the critically acclaimed movie Into The Wild. The reviews for her performance were positive and she thereafter went on to have a cameo role in Jumper. She also appeared in What Just Happened and The Cake Eaters. Stewart also featured in the 2009 film The Yellow Handkerchief.

For her part in the Twilight movie, Kristen Stewart was awarded the MTV Best Female Performance award for her role as Bella Swan. She also received the Rising Star Award at the 2010 BAFTAs. Kristen Stewart landed the role of Bella Swan after captivating director Catherin Hardwicke who had gone to see her for an informal screen test, while she was on the set of Adventureland.

Kristen Stewart Photo Gallery

Kristen Stewart Photo Gallery

Kristen Stewart Photo Gallery

Kristen Stewart Photo Gallery

Lindsay Lohan Photo Gallery

The 6126 clothesline by Lindsay Lohan was launched with the aim of providing quality and stylish products while also contributing to worthy charitable organizations. The women behind the brand i.e. Lindsay Lohan and Kristi Kaylor wanted that their brand should be a combination of modern confidence and classic style of vintage Hollywood. This is perfectly reflected in their clothes.

This Lindsay's clothesline is inspired by her idol Marilyn Monroe. In fact the collection is called 6126 by Lindsay after the birthday of Marilyn Monroe which falls on June 1 1926. This branded clothing will make you look and feel fantastic. Apart from comfort, you will love the style, cuts and detailing of the outfits. This clothing line includes leggings, knitwear, leather jackets and dresses.

Leggings were first introduced in this Lindsay Lohan clothing line in 2008 and later the range was expanded to encompass a full clothing collection. Monica Leggings are the most popular range of leggings on offer. They have a yoke on both sides of the calf with a zipper to give a perfect streamlined and elegant appearance. Most leggings are made of 100% polyester and have an elastic waistband for perfect fit. Another popular choice is the Glitter leggings. It is a fusion of leggings embellished with shimmering sequins and the fabric is made of 95% Modal and 5% Spandex. Lust, Star and Fame are some more popular legging styles from Lindsay Lohan clothing.

Recently, a huge collection of handbags, cosmetics and shoes were also added to 6126 by Lindsay Lohan. One of the popular picks amongst the buyers is the lace detailed evening dress from Lindsay Lohan clothing, which deliver a superior look in perfect sync with the latest trends.

The 6126 range also boasts of stunning tops that are attention grabbers. One can easily sport them with minimal accessories. It would outshine anything on their way. These tops come with scoop neck and silver chains. The fabric is 95% Viscose and 5% Spandex, and most of the tops have short sleeves. You can pick different styles and designs of body suits as well.

Consumers look for smart designer dresses with quality comfort. As compared to the other signature brands in the market, Lindsay Lohan clothes are just perfect for those who want to look stylish. You will find clothes in nice vibrant and dark colours that will enhance your look. The designs are modern and futuristic and you need to be a little daring in order to wear them. The dresses are highlighted by lace details and chains and must be worn with high heels. You can never get unnoticed when you wear the 6126 clothing. Talking about the price, Lindsay Lohan clothing is affordable and hence this is another key reason for their popularity.

Lindsay Lohan Photo Gallery

Lindsay Lohan Photo Gallery

Lindsay Lohan Photo Gallery

Lindsay Lohan Photo Gallery

Charged on a misdemeanor of drunken driving and cocaine intake, the plea deal was made in the judge chambers and Lohan managed to get off with a day in jail, 10 days in community service and complete a drug rehab program. Lindsay has been charged with a previous DUI and this was a repeat charge which could easily have carried a more serious sentence.

Lindsay confesses to drug addiction

Lindsay Lohan had confessed 'I am addicted to alcohol and drugs,' the actress said in a statement.

Lindsay Lohan was also placed under a 36 months probation in which she is required to complete an 18 month alcohol education program, pay fines and a three day coroner program. The coroner program for Lindsay Lohan will see her visit the morgue and talk to victims of drunken drivers.

Lindsay accepted she broke the law and did things she was ashamed of " I broke the law and today I took responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges in my case," She also added that her life had become unmanageable because she was addicted to alcohol and drugs," Lohan said in a statement released by publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik.

District attorney offers advice to Lindsay

Deputy district attorney Danette Meyers claimed that Lindsay was getting what every one else would after the hearing. The case was held in Los Angeles County Superior court by Judge H Chester Horn Jr.'s court room. Meyers also sounded the warning that if Lindsay were to get another DUI rap, she would get 120-day jail sentence. If actress Lohan violates her probation in any way, she will face up to a year on each of the drunken driving and cocaine charges and a 90 day in the can on the reckless driving charge.

Lohan had been charged earlier with 7 misdemeanors from two drunken -driving arrests in the last 4 months. Serious felony charges on the cocaine were not pressed since the levels found in her body did not warrant them.

Lindsay Lohan Plea Bargains

Lohan was sentenced to a 96 hour jail term which is the mandatory minimum for a second drunken driving offence. However she was also given a 24 hour credit for hours already served and opted to complete an additional 10 days in community serve rather than go back to jail to complete the balance of 48 hours behind bars. This is said to be an option available for all second time drunken driving offenders. However she still has to serve 24 hours in the city or county jail. She is currently being treated at a residential rehabilitation center in Utah. She has to complete 30 days in-house for her mandatory treatment on the cocaine charges.

Lindsay Lohan had been arrested on two different occasions on May 26 in Beverly Hills and on July 24 Santa Monica. Luckily, in each arrest, her cocaine levels were found to be less than the .05 required to file charges on cocaine abuse. Lohan had then been put on rehabilitation although she never kept her part of the bargain.

Lindsay Lohan Photo Gallery

Lindsay Lohan Photo Gallery

Melissa Mars Photo Gallery

How often do we find that we are losing track of friends without enough time to spend together? It seems easy to say "maybe next month," "when I get that promotion," "when the kids are out of school," or any other myriad of excuses. The bottom line is if we don't make the time to celebrate our friends we won't have the time ever. It is all about committing to connect, and creating opportunities to make that happen. Be sure to involve everyone in the fun by asking them to bring a dish or other element. No one likes to show up at a party empty handed and it is easier if you specify what to bring.

Here are just a few ways you can celebrate your friends!

Savory Supper Club

This works well with couples or singles but is usually a kid free event. This can be a great way to get to know neighbors or other residents in a subdivision. Often it's location is rotated monthly between different homes in a neighborhood. A supper club can be very simply created with each couple or person bringing a dish each time, categories are designated to avoid duplicate dishes or too many salads or appetizers. It is a chance for comradery and fellowship particularly amongst those that live nearby.

The food preparation duties and expense are shared by all, as are the benefits of original recipes and home cooking. Clean up is usually light work with many hands, and everyone relaxes and has a good time.

Super Sporting Event

Make it a real mixed event with singles, couples, and kids if desired. It can be live or on TV. If live, plan a festive tailgate is to bring everyone together before the game. If televised set up a buffet for noshing during the game and it can be pot luck, with everyone bringing a dish. Stick with paper plates and plastic cups and flatware and clean up is a breeze.

Just Girl's/Guy's Night Out

This is Mars and Venus's chance to have some time to themselves with friends. Often a once a month regular event, sometimes once a week, this is a chance to connect with close gal pals or guy buddies and gossip, dish dirt, high five on successes, and commiserate on losses. It can be as easy as establishing a place to meet and regular date and time and everyone just shows up. Or it can rotate at private homes but needs to be understood that it is for just the girls or just the guys. We all share a little differently in mixed company! What is said with this crowd stays with this crowd.

Burning O' Your Troubles Bash

Usually I throw this one just after New Year's it is a great way to get the New Year off to a truly beneficial beginning. Again who you invite is up to you, generally this is reserved for adults only. You can make it potluck or provide the food yourself. Each person is to bring a listing of their last year's trials, tribulations, losses, and challenges. You have a fireplace or preferably an outdoor fire (bonfire or chimenaya works really well) and each gets a few minutes alone to literally burn their troubles. Then each party goer gets a New Year's cracker and that includes a paper crown which they then fill (some write these on the crown itself) proverbially with their hopes for the New Year and burn that as a toast to universal energy. I usually end the festivities with sparklers for everyone to have one last sizzle!

Oscar Party

This falls in early March so it is a great chance to catch up and celebrate with friends between New Year's and Memorial Day. It is a dressy function with costumes optional. You can download the ballot forms online and I encourage ordering party favors and prizes with a Hollywood theme, again online sources abound. Be sure to start it a little early so everyone can get comfortable mingle a bit and get a bite. Decorate with Oscar statuettes and lots of gold, silver and black. Go glam!

You'll usually have a handful of die hard movie fans that will be so intent on watching the awards that they won't really socialize and will shush folks that talk during the show! Having a friend play emcee if you don't want to do it can keep the party going with trivia questions and prizes. Everyone wants to win!

Be sure to check out Part II of this article for more great ways to celebrate your friends, including a Halloween Fright Night!

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Melissa Mars Photo Gallery

Melissa Mars Photo Gallery

Melissa Mars Photo Gallery

Melissa Mars Photo Gallery

Melissa Mars Photo Gallery

Mélissa Mars was born in Marseille September 3, 1979. She made her first steps on stage at the theater Chocolate at thirteen and took singing lessons two years later.

She moved to Paris and won the A-Levels at Louis-Le-Grand a year later. Despite this, she left the school and continues to learn Spanish, English, piano, harmonica, she writes screenplays and small bed of modern drama (Anouilh Obaldia, Sartre, Cocteau, Miller ...) .

In 1998, his agent makes dinner with André Téchiné and François Bernheim. But the dinner does not turn agreed: as she writes, "the evening passes, but the current does not flow [3]. François Bernheim wants to hear him sing. With the help of her mother, she wrote her first song, Daddy loves me not. Five others will follow and it took the name of Melissa Mars, with reference to the planet Mars by his dreamy temperament.

She also landed roles in several movies (one-way ticket, Garonne), and her first album So What! released in March 2003 is the beginning of his career. Not much aired in the media following her singles will never be sold. And then the title! will still be accompanied by a clip, filmed in Brussels. It will not be the case with anyone.

In early 2005, she returns with her new album The Queen Bee, the first single is ... And I Hate You. For this album to sound more folk, it was accompanied by Franck Langolff. At the same time, she made an appearance on the album 9 Lara Fabian Unbreakable for the title. Shortly after, while In My Bubble earthquake is sent to the media promotion, it replaces Carla Bruni, with Louis Bertignac, for scenes and live TV on The Frôleuses.

In early 2006, for its first concert series at The Theatre unloaders, she moved into the musical landscape with its mixture of genres, from pop tart, the sounds of folk, goth n 'rock. At the same time, his album The Queen Bee released a new edition, with the remix of And ... I Hate You, a duet with Irmavep Red Riding Hood, and a new version of Apocalips. Then, shortly after it appears in the new album by Pascal Obispo, for two reasons Machine and 1980, released as a single in September 2006, ranked 5th in the top of sales, the single fact known to the general public. Shortly after, she became the face of the new collection Fall / Winter brand Naf Naf.

In May 2007, the single Love Machine is available online, a harbinger of the album In Search of lost love, in stores in September 2007. Shortly before, a maximum of Love Machine released commercially, with four remixes and the English version. The tour that was to follow is canceled, only the December 10, 2007 concert at La Cigale in Paris is maintained.

In 2010, she appeared in the American film "From Paris With Love" alongside John Travolta ... and she is currently on tour throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland, headlined by Mozart, the rock opera set directed by Olivier Dahan, director of La Vie en Rose. Melissa Mars embodies the character of Aloysia Weber. The show receives 3 awards at the NRJ Music Awards 2010 and whose album is already diamond.

Melissa Mars Photo Gallery

Melissa Mars Photo Gallery